Visual Phonics Training by Allied Instructional Services

Join Cheryl Sale of Allied Instructional Services in Ashland, VA to receive training in Visual Phonics, See the Sounds.

What is Visual Phonics?

Visual Phonics puts into perspective not only the written form of language but the real power of language, which is sound.

It opens a door for those who do not have access to all of the learning modes; it gives them access to something that they have not had before, and it is a light going on that permits them to read, to think, to feel to learn language, and to communicate as we all communicate.

It is a great joy to us to know that since 1982 many hundreds of thousands of children and adults have used See the Sound - Visual Phonics to improve their reading, spelling and communication skills.

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There must be a way for all of us who are capable of thought to learn to the best of
our abilities and be taught in the way that is best for us.
— Millie Snow, 1982