Continuity of Caring Meeting in Richmond

On April 9, 2018, several of the AG Bell VA Chapter members attended a meeting in Richmond, VA, that focused on the continued education around hearing loss. Put on by the Center for Family Involvement, the day was broken in to two sections:

  1. Dr. Anita Jeyamukar, an otolaryngologist, discussed Newborn Hearing Screening and Early Identification of hearing loss. 
  2. Joni Alberg, PhD, who does public policy consulting for AG Bell, presented research around the "Social Development and Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing"

The audience was a mix of professional educators, audiologists, and parents of deaf and hearing impaired children from all around the state. 

There was good research shared and conversations had around challenges. The VA Chapter of AG Bell is looking forward to contributing ideas and recommendations for all parties involved with deaf and hard of hearing children.